Thank You Plant Medicine is a global grassroots movement to raise awareness about plant medicines, entheogens and psychedelics. On February 20th the invited the world to ‘come out’ with their plant medicine stories using the #thankyouplantmedicine on social media.

I met up with Jonathan on my last day in Costa Rica, synchronicities aligned for us to do this quick interview in my hotel right before I headed to the airport. 

Jonathan is incredibly wise and has an inspiring mission. 


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Topics Explored: 

> 10:30 The magic and the soundscape of the jungle

> 12:30 Jonathan’s journey to plant medicine  

> 17:30 What are entheogenic plants?

> 19:30 The genesis of the Thank You Plant Medicine Movement 

> 26:00 The stigma around plant medicine

> 30:30 The Coming Out Story

> 34:30 Jonathan’s vision for Thank You Plant Medicine Movement 

> 40:30 Making the right choices for yourself regarding plant medicine

> 41:30 Resources

> 43:00 How you can support the movement

> 48:30 How to reach Jonathan and the movement




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Special thanks to Emmy-Award winning composer Kodomo (Chris Child) for allowing us to use his brilliant track Concept 1 as our theme song.

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