Have you heard the musical intro for this podcast? It’s a song called Concept 1 by Kodomo.

Kodomo (Chris Child)  an Emmy award-winning composer and electronic artist who lives and works in Portland, Maine. He has written scores for many TV shows including the soap opera All My Children for which he won an Emmy in 2014. As Kodomo, he is best known for his work on the Harmonix video games Amplitude, and Frequency  which were the precursors to Rockband and Guitar Hero.  “Kodomo” is the Japanese word for “child”—a nod to his surname and the fact that he grew up in Japan.

Kodomo’s first full-length album Still Life is a highly conceptual piece in which the music was all inspired by a set of photographs taken during Kodomo’s travels.The tracks are all titled using the photographic images rather than words. For example, Concept 13 started with a photograph that reflects the Fibonacci proportions that are repeatedly found in nature. These proportions were used to govern the musical composition in the melodic theme, the sonic texture, and even the pace of development of the piece.

Host Hallie Rose sits down with Kodomo in his home studio in Portland, Maine to talk about the inspiration and process behind creating his sonic alchemy.


Topics Explored: 

> Chris’s story growing up in the magic of Tokyo, Japan; how he became enamored with music

> Chris’s musical journey – Berklee College of Music – Boston, making music for video games (precursors to Guitar Hero and Rock Band), building his apartment studio, scoring TV shows & working with a record label in NYC, 

> Chris’s first album ‘Still Life’ and the photos that inspired it 

> Vulnerability of sharing music with the world

> Themes of geometry, light, physics, and nature in Kodomo’s music

> Binaural patterns in music. What are binaural beats? 

> Musical inspirations

> The fascinating relationship between food and music

> Winning an Emmy, scoring ‘All My Children’, in 2014, the creative process of scoring television shows and films

> Enthralling story of Chris’s creative process behind his piano album released in early 2019, launching a collaborative record label called Foil Imprints 

> What keeps Chris in his best creative space and what keeps him inspired to continue creating

> Chris’s current project, a new Kodomo record


Show Resources:

Hallie’s Ambient Trance Yoga Playlist on Spotify:
Sonic Geometry Documentary on YouTube:
“Bubbles” – Yosi Horikawa (mentioned by Hallie)


Kodomo’s Musical Mentions: 

(Album) LP5 by Apparat
(Composer) Johann Sebastian Bach
(Composer) Claude Debussy
(Composer) Ludwig Van Beethoven
(Composer) Rudolf Braun
(Composer) Franz Shubert
(Composer) Philip Glass
(Composer) Steve Reich
(Composer) Terry Riley
(Composer) Arvo Part
(Band) Depeche Mode
(Band) Kraftwerk
(Band) New Order
(Band) Skinny Puppy
(Band) Nine Inch Nails
(Electronic musician) Aphex Twin
(Band) Orbital
(Band) Underworld
(Musician) Brian Eno


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Special thanks to Emmy-Award winning composer Kodomo (Chris Child) for allowing us to use his brilliant track Concept 1 as our theme song. 

This episode was funded entirely by the listener support of Robert B. 

Thanks for your generosity, Robert!

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