Matt Maruca is the founder and CEO of Ra Optics, which teaches people about the essential roles that light plays in health and develops the most advanced light therapy-based products in the world.

The discovery that we are beings of light ultimately led him onto a spiritual journey, seeking to realize who we really are. He spends his time meditating, surfing, building his company, teaching about his findings, working with top-level celebrities, and traveling around the world. 

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Topics Explored: 

12:25: Matt’s learnings from the Dr. Joe Dispenza meditation retreat

  • How Matt’s childhood health challenges led to his quest to learn about light 
  • Matt & Hallie’s journeys with Kriya Yoga
  • Our ability to create our realities by tapping into the frequencies of the emotions we want to feel 
  • How Matt integrated his learnings from Dr. Joe to overcome limiting beliefs and build the company of his dreams 

30:13 – The evolution of Matt’s company Ra Optics, which develops light therapy-based products

  • Overcoming addiction to suffering 
  • How to attain the freedom to do what you want while still finding fulfillment in the doing 
  • Light therapy’s role in the future as the intersection of biology and technology 
  • Connecting to Divine inspired energy to create positive outcomes in our lives
  • Do we need to choose a “shit sandwich” or can we call in a delicious sandwich? 

50:16 – The differences between men’s and women’s energy dynamics 

  • Grind Culture and scarcity mindset 
  • How the need for safety feeds into energetic blueprints 
  • Attaining knowledge through firsthand experience vs. listening to the wisdom of those before us

1:02:27 – Matt’s journey with and exploration of light

  • How Ra Optics went from being a custom tinting service to offering a line of eyewear and light therapy products
  • Starting his business with a hypothesis, then persevering or pivoting based on the findings

1:17:12 – The Light Diet and its four meanings

  • The Ayurvedic roots of the Light Diet’s principles
  • The benefits of rising before the sun and creating rituals around sunlight exposure
  • The safety of sungazing
  • Timing your meals to sun’s cycle 
  • Taking time to enjoy your food and find the pleasure in small things in life such as meals
  • Meditation as a spiritual practice to connect to light energy 
  • Sunscreen: Yay or Nay? 

1:52:45 – Practical tips for maximizing the benefits of light



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The Hard Thing About Hard Things by Ben Horowitz


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