Mellisa Reeves is a transformational facilitator, embodiment coach, mother and doula.

After over a decade growing a thriving real estate brokerage, Mellisa’s second son was stillborn at 42 weeks. In the pivotal healing crisis and spiritual awakening that followed, she shifted her focus to supporting women in the challenging moments of birth, loss, sexual shame and trauma. Today, she facilitates transformational experiences through women’s circles, workshops, intimate retreats and one-on-one mentorship. Mellisa, her partner and two children live in Austin, TX where they are focused on building intentional community. You can find her at

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Topics Explored: 

9:55 – Balancing our relationship with social media and technology

  • How Mellisa improved her memory and productivity by turning her “smart phone” into a “dumb phone”

27:31 – The impact of our finances on the nervous system and how to regain financial sovereignty

  • The importance of taking inventory and making incremental changes
  • Evaluating whether we look at finances with an energy of scarcity or prosperity and how embracing the risk can lead to abundance

53:56 – Crypto and NFTs

  • How Crypto equalizes access to financial gain

1:04:30 – Mellisa’s harrowing spiritual journey and return to the Divine

  • Mellisa’s spiritual foundations growing up in a fundamentalist Christian household 
  • The challenges of motherhood and post-partum anxiety 

1:26:46 – How Mellisa’s moving and harrowing stillbirth experience became a moment of both unbelievable trauma and life-changing grace 

  • Embracing the darkness to find the gifts in moments of unthinkable trauma and loss
  • Her journey toward becoming a doula and creating offerings for women 



Website |

Money & the Nervous System” Course By Kimberly Johnson 

Meditations with Joe Dispenza

Stillbirth Resources: 

I Had A Miscarriage by Jessica Zucker

Return to Zero | Organization offering support for bereaved parents and their loved ones

Star Legacy Foundation | Organization offering support for bereaved parents and their loved ones

Bodily Pregnancy Loss Support Gift Collection | Gift items for moms healing from miscarriage or stillbirth

36 Things To Do For Those in Grief” by Chase Reeves

Motherbirth | Mellisa’s podcast with select episodes around loss and grief


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