Luke Fontaine is a marketing consultant, growth and operations strategist, financial architect to entrepreneurs, and recording artist.

As a business owner and independent expert, Luke has advised over 100 companies ranging from 6-figure solopreneur businesses all the way up to 9-figure giants. With experience in marketing strategy, operations management, technology systems and more, there are few organizational roles Luke hasn’t excelled at. Currently, he serves as a partner and COO of Online Coach University and has been the co-architect behind the company’s rapid ascension from a 6-figure business into multiple 7 figures.


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Topics Explored: 

7:28 – How curiosity and music led Luke to entrepreneurship

  • How Luke regained control and found lightness after a harrowing experience in the music industry
  • Why Luke turned music into a passion and pivoted to building a digital agency from the ground up

17:26  – Reframing our failures as lessons and successes

  • How attachment to certain outcomes can create the perception of failure

22:22 – Finding our why so we can set the right benchmarks of success

  • How envisioning our perfect day can help us find clarity in business

29:56 – Luke’s top tips for new entrepreneurs

  • The importance of being in integrity, finding mentors, and asking what you can offer when starting out
  • Should we build businesses out of our passions or compartmentalize them? 
  • Using success metrics rather than emotions to guide our business decisions

33:54 – The critical importance of rest and reflection in running a successful business

  • How to take the first steps toward starting a business when you are juggling other obligations 

52:22 – How to get out of your own way and stop helicopter parenting your business

57:04 – Synchronicity and trusting the chaotic organization of the universe

  • Luke’s trip to Iceland that led to business developments and run-ins with rockstars
  • Learning to embrace the seasons of life and the cyclical nature of being in the cosmic dance



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Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less by Greg McKeown


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