Cyrus Sutton is a professional surfer, award-winning filmmaker, and co-founder of the reef-safe, organic sunscreen brand Manda. He has created numerous social and environmental impact films and his projects have been featured in publications such as The New York Times, Scientific American, Condé Naste, and Huffington Post.  As a dedicated environmental activist, Cyrus is passionate about working with B-corps and conscious businesses: some of his notable clients include Patagonia, Dr. Bronners, Adidas, GoPro, and Teva. 


Topics explored:

  • Sadness as a catalyst for creative expression
  • Guilt, creativity and resistance 
  • Interpreting our pain
  • A confusing time to be a man: toxic masculinity, shame, and why blame is not the answer
  • ‘Our fear is the gatekeeper of the magic’ 
  • Is success subjective? 
  • Law of Attraction & ‘manifesting muffins’ 
  • Are our thoughts on autopilot?: People as pattern-makers
  • Manipulation, politics, media, globalism
  • Is your sunscreen damaging the ocean?
  • Climate change & replenishing Earth’s ecosystems and creating a sustainable future




Cyrus’s Reef-Safe, Organic Sunscreen Brand MANDA:


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