Charles Clay is a Men’s Empowerment Coach, Dynamic Speaker, Published Author and Founder of  M Powered Men’s Group Training and Mastermind.


He offers powerful and playful practices for moving through fear, releasing resistance, and stress to activate your zone of genius and build the confidence to share your greatest gifts. His path from tragedy to triumph and extensive training in the healing arts has allowed him to offer a series of high level upgrades to unlock human potential.   


The M Powered Men’s Group offers a Step-by-step Roadmap to Self-Healing by Detoxing your mind and body from addictive tendencies, distractions and patterned of self-sabotage to turn procrastination into productivity and pain into purpose for a life of Impact and Fulfillment! 

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Topics Explored: 

8:00 The events that Charles holds

12:00 Charles’ background and the beginning of his self-healing journey

17:00 How Charles found NeuroKinetic Therapy 

27:00 Improving our relationship with our bodies

30:00 Choosing to see our challenges as gifts and dancing with fear

37:00 Seeing everyday experiences through the eyes of Divinity and living an intentional life

41:30 What is muscle testing?

46:00 A new way to look at the placebo effect 

50:00 The journey of parenthood

54:30 What is expansion breath and how can we use it to stay present and connect to inner peace

62:00 The process of what Charles calls “Visioneering”

68:00 Letting go of deep rooted limiting beliefs 

70:00 Taking responsibility and empowering ourselves

75:00 Choosing compassion over empathy

80:00 What is the Laser Focus Method?

82:30 How to connect with Charles


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