Alex Nelson is an entrepreneur, life transformation coach, retreat facilitator, and the host of the Through The Veil podcast. After selling his asphalt business in early 2017, he embarked upon a journey which led him through various corporate management jobs, finally landing in his current role as a full time personal coach and transformational experience specialist. He has spent the last 7 years working closely with coaching clients, a calling he felt deeply after curing himself of alcoholism in 2012 through deeply intentional ceremonial work. His deepest commitment is to help people to uncover the tools and skills they have within themselves for healing so that they can live their best life unburdened by trauma.

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Topics Explored: 

5:00 The power of holding space and being present for others

6:00 Who Alex is and what he does in the world

8:00 How can we train ourselves to hold space for others and become more aware of ourselves

11:00 Finding and refining our purpose

20:00 What can we do when we feel stuck?

22:00 The power of visualization and strong emotion

26:30 Recognizing unprocessed trauma

35:30 Alex’s experience with alcoholism 

41:00 Honesty and the slippery slope of withholding truth

46:30 Responsible psychedelic use and integration 

60:00 Accessing gratitude through joy and laughter

61:00 The gift of pain 

65:00 How can we connect to our emotions through our relationships 

74:30 Hallie’s intense experiences in the weeks and months after her time at Soltara 

85:00 The importance of approaching ceremony with intention

72:00 How to connect with Alex



Money and the Law of Attraction – Abraham Hicks

Spiritual Emergence or Psychosis Course – Kyle Buller

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Special thanks to Emmy-Award winning composer Kodomo (Chris Child) for allowing us to use his brilliant track Concept 1 as our theme song. 


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