Paul Hubbert is the founder of the Institute for Holographic Sound and Inner Balance, Paul holds a Ph.D. in Psychology and a Masters in Business Administration and Religion. 

He is certified in Hypnosis, Grief Recovery and is an Addictions Recovery Coach/Consultant. His family counseling work has been most notably recognized by the White House. He is also an intuitive counselor who works with the healing vibration of Sound and Music in its multidimensional, holographic form using vocal toning, crystal singing bowls, blended with traditional and conventional methods. 

Paul teaches throughout the US and internationally. He has co-created and shared the stage with many leaders in their fields including Gregg Braden, John Bradshaw, Tom Kenyon, Alton Kamadon, Drunvalo Melchizedek and others.


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Topics Explored: 

6:00 What is holographic sound healing?

8:00 How Paul came into this work and why he started vocalizing

14:00 The hypnotic element of music and sound 

16:00 The difference between frequency groups and how Paul feels about the “frequency controversy”

26:00 Seeing the world as vibration

32:00 How can we use sound to reprogram our thoughts and open our hearts 

38:00 Proper breathing for vocalizing 

41:00 What is really going on for people who think they are tone deaf

49:00 The difference between detachment and non-attachment

57:30 Practicing vowels when vocalizing

61:30 Overtones and how they are created

64:30 Paul’s experience with Egyption culture, past live, and the Hathors

69:30 Paul’s early life experiences and how they have shaped him

79:00 Trusting your intuition and letting go of resistance

82:00 How you can find and work with Paul

84:00 Testimonials from some of Paul’s one-on-one clients


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