Aaron Alexander is a manual therapist, movement coach, and author, as well as the host of the Align Podcast, ranked #1 in Nutrition on Apple Podcasts.


He has helped the world’s top athletes and celebrities, and everyone in between, relieve their physical and mental pain.


Taking the practices he has gathered from various cultures, insights from past podcast guests, and his own clinical practice, he has created a modernized, simplified movement lifestyle for you to easily integrate into your daily life. When you do, every moment becomes an opportunity to develop strength, flexibility and confidence to live optimally.


Follow Aaron on IG @alignmethod.


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Topics Explored: 

11:00 The benefits of CBD and cannabis 

15:00 Aaron’s take on Covid-19

17:30 Boosting the immune system and the entourage effect 

21:00 The problem with isolation in biohacking and the importance of finding harmony with nature

23:00 What Aaron does in the world and how his book came to be

30:00 How our culture has hindered our movement

34:00 Practical tips that can be integrated into our lives right away

40:00 How visualization changes the body on a neuromuscular level

45:00 How to connect with Aaron


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