Brian Leonard (@baristabrian) is an artist with a ‘unique’ canvas: coffee. Brian has garnered international media attention for his “Barista Brian” Latte Art creations. He grew up in New Brunswick, Canada, the middle of five children in a musical family. Brian studied Opera Performance and Health Science in University, before completing a year in the Audio Engineering Program at The Banff Centre.

Moving to Toronto, he found himself in front of an espresso machine and began creating latte art. It was not long before his latte art started being noticed by local media, who named him Toronto’s Best Latte Artist in 2015.

Following a series of television and media appearances, Brian’s opportunities continued to grow. Collaborating with international brands, clothing companies, and many major media outlets, he continued to push boundaries as a barista and artist in his newfound medium. His latte art has been featured at music festivals, international film festivals, celebrity galas and major awards shows. He currently  lives downtown Toronto , where he continues to explore and expand his artistic talent and opportunities.


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Topics Explored: 

>15:30 Brian’s early life, trying different jobs and becoming a “jack of all trades” before discovering his passion 

>21:30 The genesis of Brian’s career as a barista and latte artist

>33:00 How Brian has used his artistic career for healing and growth

>46:00 Moving out of familiarity  to build a space to create and share

>49:30 The exciting lift off of Brian’s career

>54:00 The power of confidence and sacrifice when you are choosing a unique path 

>60:30 Decisiveness, commitment, and attention as you move through your life 

>74:30 Using your voice to support causes you believe in 

>79:30 Energy management and reciprocation 

>87:00 How to find and support what Brian is doing in the world



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