From Ivy League to the jungle of Costa Rica: Melissa Stangl shares the epic tale of how she came to co-found Soltara Healing Center–an Ayahuasca retreat center. After spending years working in scientific labs and corporate offices, Melissa realized the healing and transformative potential of working responsibly with psychedelics and plant medicine. In 2015, she consciously chose to leave corporate America and moved to live and work in the Amazon jungle. A few years later she and co-founder Daniel Cleland would found Soltara Healing Center.

I had the pleasure of living down at Soltara for 3 months and recording 13 episodes; this is the final episode of the Ayahuasca Soltara Series. 

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Topics Explored: 

> 9:00 Fear of showing up and the journey home to self-love

> 16:00 Healthy boundaries, the empowered ego and giving your gift to the world

> 17:30 “You’re going to do drugs in the jungle with a guy you met on Reddit?”

> 33:00 Melissa’s physical healing and her journey with self worth

> 46:00 Why is psychedelic integration so important? Why we need integration support more than ever in the West. What is the Hero’s Journal?

> 51:00 How do you know what to share with others, and what to hold sacred?

> 60:00 The global psychedelic movement and the future of psychedelic research 

> 63:30 Veterans and Ayahuasca for healing

> 70:00 Maintaining the integrity of the Shipibo Tradition



You are the Placebo – Joe Dispenza


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Special thanks to Emmy-Award winning composer Kodomo (Chris Child) for allowing us to use his brilliant track Concept 1 as our theme song.

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