Eric Morris is the founder of Local 130 Seafood. Named for the 130 miles of New Jersey coastline, Local 130 Seafood aims to inspire you to support local fisheries and eat local seafood. In this episode we discuss listening to the compass of the heart and how to sharpen intuition during times of chaos and change. 

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Topics Explored: 

> 8:29 How the global pandemic shook up Eric’s business and how he and his team responded

> 19:30 Eric’s predictions about how the pandemic will affect businesses and entrepreneurs

> 24:30 The awakening of the human consciousness as a response to what is happening in the world 

> 25:50 The beauty that has come out of the chaos “Can we rally around the Earth like we do a disease or a virus?” 

> 28:00 The power of choice 

> 31:50 Fear mongering and mental health during the pandemic 

> 33:40 Responding to what is happening in the world from a place of truth and compassion

> 38:10 Racial division in our country 

> 43:47 Growing up with adopted siblings and seeing racism from a young age

> 50:25 Shifting from mindspace to heartspace

> 52:45 Focusing on the positive change that is coming from what feels like chaos


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