Dr. Craig Koniver, M.D. has been practicing Performance Medicine for over 18 years. Unsatisfied with the disease-based model of modern medicine, Dr. Koniver seeks to help his clients optimize their health and performance through more of a wellness-based approach.  

Dr. Koniver’s client list includes Navy SEALs, NFL players, PGA golfers, UFC Fighters, NHL players, executives, Congressmen, and well-known celebrities. He’s made many appearances on other notable podcasts such as Aubrey Marcus, Kyle Kingsbury & Ben Greenfield. 

You can find Dr. Koniver on Instagram @koniverwellness or at 

Topics Explored: 

> 13:13 What has been the trajectory of the global pandemic of COVID- 19 from Dr. Koniver’s perspective? What role has fear played? 

> 17:42 What is the efficacy of masks for protection

>  Will there be a second wave of the virus?  

> 21:00 Vaccines, civil liberties, personal sovereignty

> 26:34 What is the potential mental health fallout of the virus? How are loneliness, depression, isolation tied together?

> 28:45 Link between Hormones and Depression: Could your low mood be caused by a hormonal imbalance? What factors of the modern environment might be influencing our hormones? 

> 31:07 Sex hormones: progesterone & estrogen for women; the stress hormone cortisol which Dr. Koniver calls the big bully.

> 38:43 Testosterone as a biosocial hormone for men and the importance of testosterone for well being.

> 42:46 “Hormones are the most influential factor affecting an individual’s wellbeing on a day-to-day basis”

> 43:16 What is lighting Dr. Koniver up in his practice lately?

> 50:18 What is a miracle? Can changing the energetic vibration of our being by tapping into the power of reprogramming subconscious create miraculous recoveries? 

> 47:25 What’s the connection between consciousness and spirituality with our physical well being? Can we learn to work with consciousness to feel good no matter where we are or what we’re experiencing?

> 53:33 How does our mindset play into our overall health? (“Your ability to feel good in any sort of environment is up to you.”)

> 55:28 Why is ketamine (often regarded as a recreational drug) now being used as an alternative therapy to treat things like anxiety and depression?


(books) Dr. Joe Dispenza


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