Dorian Yates is one of the most successful bodybuilders in history, winning six Mr Olympia titles, and remaining undefeated between the years of 1992-1997.

In 2013 on an interview with Brian Rose of London Real, Dorian broke convention by going public about his experience with psychedelics and it went viral.

In addition to being featured in many documentaries, Dorian has also appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience, the Tim Ferriss Show,  and made countless other notable public appearances.

He now has over 1M followers on Instagram, is the founder of DY Nutrition, and continues to inspire and empower others through his mission to #RaiseTheVibration.

This episode was recorded at Soltara Healing Center as part of the #SoltaraSeries. For more information about Ayahuasca retreats at Soltara, visit

Special Offers in This Episode:

→ $200 off Ayahuasca retreats at Soltara Healing Center with code THOUGHTROOM. Use link:

Topics Explored: 

> Dorian talks about his past experiences with Ayahuasca, psychedelics, and his experiences at Soltara Healing Center leading retreats

> The consciousness and intelligence of plant medicine reaching out to change the consciousness of the planet

> The importance of raising your own vibration and the ongoing lessons from the medicine

> Why Dorian identifies with the Lion and the origin story of behind the lion tattoo on his back

> Dissecting the mindset of a champion — the law of attraction, visualization, manifesting your reality

> Dorian’s powerful story about growing up from childhood trauma to a bodybuilding champion

> The present and future Dorian Yates as a role model helping lead the rise of consciousness on the planet

> Living an authentic life

> The tools Dorian uses to raise his vibration when he’s feeling low, his suggestions for moving through bad days

> The importance of expressing emotions and striving to be a balanced human being

Show Resources:

Law of Attraction

(documentary) Original Mass Monster

(Artist) Bob Marley (Dorian’s favorite artist)

Ayahausca Plant Medicine at Soltara Healing Center:

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