Rewilding and biohacking expert Shawn Slade is the CEO of ReWild My Bio and co-founder of Booch Organic Kombucha. Shawn is also the host of the newly launching ReWild My Bio Podcast and is a PhD  candidate studying wilderness based therapy and the health impact of time spent in nature. 

This episode was recorded in Costa Rica at Soltara Healing Center and is the first in the #SoltaraSeries. The #SoltaraSeries is a collection of awe-inspiring tales of personal growth and healing from an array of guests and thought leaders. To learn more about Soltara Healing Center visit

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Topics Explored:

> Rewild My Bio, Shawn’s Podcast

> The Rewilding movement

> Founding a Kombucha business, with his wife at the time, after drinking ayahuasca in Peru in 2014; the health benefits of fermented foods

> Exploring Shawn’s time, healing at Soltara Healing Center; benefits of plant medicines to get to the root causes of disease and suffering

> Biohacking and the dichotomy between rewilding and biohacking

> Emphasizing integration when working with plant medicines 

> Beginner, intermediate and advanced practices and gadgets for biohacking
> The growth benefits of putting yourself in uncomfortable situations

> Shawn’s vision quest experience; Hallie’s vision quest experience; Rites of passage  

> Sacred Masculinity, Divine Feminine

> Connection, embracing each other’s differences

Show Resources:

Ayahausca Plant Medicine at Soltara Healing Center:

Seed Probiotics

Curious Elixirs

(Author/Podcaster) Ben Greenfield 

(Author/Podcaster) Paul Chek

(Author) Charles Poliquin

(Book) Wild Earth, Wild Soul: A Manual for an Ecstatic Culture – Bill Pfeiffer

*Hallie’s Company: Lunar Wild

(Book) Braving The Wilderness – Brene Brown

(Book) Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff – Richard Carlson

*Hyperbaric Chamber

*Oura Ring



*Sit/Stand Desk– There are many–but if you want to support my friend Sam’s company: check out

*Bluelight Glasses


*Gravity Blanket:

*Infrared Sauna

*Grounding Mat

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Special thanks to Emmy-Award winning composer Kodomo (Chris Child) for allowing us to use his brilliant track Concept 1 as our theme song. 

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