Alexandra Roxo’s debut book F*ck like a Goddess. Heal Yourself. Reclaim Your Voice. Stand in Your Power is out July 21st. 

Alexandra is an author, spiritual teacher, artist, and mentor. She has been featured on TV shows such as Slutever on Viceland, Sex/ Life on Epix, and various others for her work in the field of feminine healing and spirituality. Named a “modern spiritual leader” by Well + Good, she sees clients in one-on-one coaching and mentorship, leads retreats around the world, and teaches monthly in her online community Radical Awakenings. Her ideas on healing and spirituality have been featured in the New York Times, Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, The Guardian, Nylon, Playboy, and many other international publications.

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(Book) The Body Keeps Score Bessel van der Kolk

(Alexandra’s book) F*ck like a Goddess. Heal Yourself. Reclaim Your Voice. Stand in Your Power Alexandra Roxo 

(Alexandra’s website)


Topics Explored: 

> 12:00 Being present in the here and now, growing pains, and the cyclical nature of life

> 15:00 Moments of density

> 16:00 The Body Keeps Score Bessel van der Kolk

> 24:30 Alexandra describes her years in television and film and how dancing with ayahuasca shifted her life path

> 38:30 Gene Keys – How gene keys help Alexandra move through her emotions and shadows in her ceremonies

> 45:00 What are the challenges in attracting and selecting a partner that is in alignment? 

> 48:00 Alexandra talks about how her painful relationship with her father has ultimately become her greatest teacher 

> 57:00 How can we change our relationship with our past?

> 61:30 “Get right with the experience within yourself in order to get right with your past”

> 63:30 The wisdom of discernment 

> 73:00 Alexandra talks about her new book: F*ck like a Goddess. Heal Yourself. Reclaim Your Voice. Stand in Your Power 

> 75:00 The letting go of shame around body, food, sex, etc.



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